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At a recent business review with one of our providers the account manager said something that really stood out in my mind. He told us that in reviewing our menu we should consider whether or not we are proud each and every time an item is served. I know, it seems like common sense, but all too often we find ourselves saying things like "people order it all the time, they must like it!" While the fact that something sells sure seems like a good way to gauge if it's good or not, it doesn't always paint the whole picture.

So we started thinking, what if we could tweak some of these items so that instead of just liking them, the customers would LOVE them? What if we added a sauce to that sandwich, would it be even better?

And so came the menu survey, many of you chimed in with your feedback about what you like already, what you'd like to see us add, and what's really important to you when you're choosing where to spend your hard-earned money. Thank you all so much for your help. Based on your feedback, a few of the items that were on the "chopping block" have been pardoned and we are looking forward to launching an updated menu very soon.

Many of you expressed interest in additional salad options year round, so we're adding a couple of new salads with different ingredients like Brie, Sundried tomatoes, and Feta Cheese. Overall your feedback told us that the most important thing you consider when choosing where to eat is the quality of the food. We have always strove to hit a balance of good products at reasonable costs, which has sometimes meant sacrificing quality in order to keep our price-point where we were comfortable. I guess you could say that we are about to step outside of our "Comfort Zone" with this new menu. Our updated menu will allow us to serve better quality products by each item having it's own price based on cost, instead of making the ingredients fit the price. You will see that some of our sandwiches are going to have a lower price, while others have increased marginally to allow us to provide more consistent and high-quality products.

From now on we promise to review our menu at least once a year, update items that you don't love or that we aren't proud of, and add exciting new items based on what the market is looking for. This is by no means the end of our updates, we are just beginning to work with your feedback.

For those of you who gave us suggestions that we haven't been able to address in this re-vamp, please know that we heard you and we are trying to please as many of our customers as we can. Unfortunately, our limited storage space and our modestly-sized kitchen does limit what we are able to do and as a result adding a new ingredient to our menu often means having to remove another, which is really hard to do!

Thank you again for your continued support of the Comfort Zone Cafe. I am really looking forward to these changes and I truly hope that you are all pleased with what we've come up with. As always, please feel free to reach out to us with your feedback, either here or via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We love to hear from you.


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